China Education Resources Inc. is a provider of products and services to China's kindergarten to grade 12 market. China Education Resources' traditional business has been in textbooks, selling over 15 million books in 2004. In developing this core business China Education Resources developed critical relationships with key government agencies, academic experts, and content providers. China Education Resources has used this expertise and established relationships to expand its business online by developing the first private comprehensive education resources portal.

The education system in China is in midst of undergoing significant changes as mandated by the Central Government. New curriculum is being developed to accommodate a shift in learning method from rote (memory based) learning to creative learning.

China Education Resources has co-developed its with the Curriculum Development Centre of the Ministry of Education to promote and institute the Central Government's education reform initiative.

Our goal is to build the most robust, agile and flexible portal in the world, capable of handling the online teaching, learning, and administrative requirements of 600,000 schools, 12 million teachers and 230 million students.

China Education Resources is on track to become the world's largest provider of online educational and administrative services to the K-12 market. China Education Resources is also committed to becoming the world's largest provider and repository of e-portfolios for students, teachers and academic institutions. Once our goal is met, we will be managing the world's largest database of real-name users.


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