China Education Resources Inc. ("CER") is a corporation organized under the predecessor to the Business Corporations Act of British Columbia, Canada. CER is an ed-tech company with leading technology of intelligent system and contents to provide online/offline learning, training courses and social media for teachers, students and education professionals. CER is a public company traded on the TSX Venture Exchange with the trading symbol "CHN" and OTCQX with the trading symbol "CHNUF". CER through its subsidiaries in China, is a leading provider of kindergarten to grade 12 ("K-12") education resources and services through its national internet portal to China's kindergarten to grade 12 education market.

In collaboration with China's education administrators and experts, CER has created educational tools and curriculum for China's entire kindergarten through twelfth grade system. There are over 1 million K to 12 teachers registered through its Web portal.

CER has also developed soccer education textbooks and training/learning online platform to provide a unique blended online/offline contents and services to teachers and students for soccer education program. Soccer education has emerged as a new horizon in China education sector and is rapidly spreading throughout China.

The CER's objective is to become the leading kindergarten to grade 12 education service platform, content provider and social networking system in education sector. CER provides a range of services to government education authorities, schools, teachers, students and their parents.


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